Individual Sessions


It is a conversation between two persons – one (coachee) who wants to change something in his life, and the other (coach), who can help him make this change in the most successful way. In this process, there are different phases:

  1. IDENTIFYING THE GOAL – What do I want to get from this change?
  2. IDENTIFYING THE REALITY – What is the reality that I am faced with? What are the circumstances that make the change imposible and what are the factors which make the goal more achievable?
  3. OPTIONS – What are the different options that I have?
  4. ACTION PLAN – What do I have to quit doing to help achieve my goal?
  5. REALIZATION – Taking planned actions with the surveillance of the coach.

During the session, coach, when necessary, uses different psycotherapeutic skills to help coachee to eliminate the obstacles which makes the achievement of the goal possible and allows the person to live happier and lead a more fulfilled life.

MOST USUAL PROBLEMS that can be solved in the session:

  • One doesn’t know how to solve some problematic situation or relationship
  • An important chapter of life has just finished and one is not sure which direction to take
  • Poor concentration. Mind is so full of “mental garbage” that the person sometimes feels completely disoriented
  • One looks at his own life through the “glasses of painful experiences” which sometimes change his perception so much that he sees things completely different from how they really are.
  • Someone has very serious conflict or a lot of superficial, but constant misunderstandings. Or, simply, wants to have a closer and more understanding relationship with someone (spouse, child, friend, employer…).
  • Money “escapes” through different “holes” or a person wants to reorganize radically or slightly his professional and financial life.
  • Physical illness persists because of hidden mental programmes which make complete healing impossible


It is important to know that in the whole world there isn´t one person who would reject communication. We only have to find “the right key”. So, every session of coaching is also an active training of communication mastery.

We also organize communication mastery seminars and trainings for the groups (business, family or any other).


You can take live or skype sessions, or, in special cases, communicate with your coach by phone or an e-mail. For significant results, it is recommended to take at least 10 sessions of 90 minutes, one or two sessions per week, with the exception of some urgent cases.

The price of a one hour of session is 50 euros, and 70 euros for the recommended session of 90 minutes.The individual is expected to pay 5 sessions in advance, with the exception of special cases. FIRST SESSION FREE!

Payment – cash or through bank account ŽR 205-1001527089608-83, Komercijalna banka (ŽR 908-20501-70) in dinars (medium bank course).